Maribeth Decker - Connecting Beyond Words: Intuitive Communication with Our Dogs

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Anke: Hello, and welcome, Maribeth.

I'm super delighted to have you here.

Listeners, I do hope please
do check out the video.

You've got to see your her jumper.

It's just the most adorable thing.

Maribeth: It's it's all little
dogs just doing dog stuff with cute

little phrases here, which I can't
read because it's backwards, but

But it's I I wore it for you, Erica.


Anke: Oh, I'm so grateful.

That's just really made my day.

So why don't we start out and
let people know where you're

based and and what's your

Maribeth: business?

I I am in Alexandria, Virginia, uh,
south of the capital, Washington, DC.

And um and my business is that I am an
intuitive animal communicator and I also

Include medical intuitive and energy
healer because I use all three of those

modalities to help people and their pets.

And I do most of my sessions remotely.

Uh, I wanna say that because one of
the most interesting sessions I've had,

Anke, was where, uh I'm in Virginia, US.

The woman was when I first talked to
her well, she said the woman is in

Thailand now And her dog is with her
aunt and uncle in Canada, and we were

able to have a very good session.

We've done a couple of seen.

Couple of them.

So, um, intuitive communication
does not depend on location.

It's a it's a mind to mind connection.

So That's

Anke: so beautiful.

I love that.

I love that.

I mean, like, several questions pop up.

Like, the first thing I'm curious about
is I would imagine that's that's not

what you did when you got out of school.


So how, you know, how
did you get into that?

And what was the turning
point for you to say, look.

I can turn this in my full time
into my full time business.

Maribeth: Um, Yeah.

I think you're gonna love the story.

Uh so I'm a retired navy officer,
US navy officer, and then I went

to into an association, worked for
a great association for another

twenty years um and and I had this uh
intuitive spark to do massage and and

in still having a day job and there
I started taking some courses used.

Stick with me.

Uh, energy healing courses,
Reiki, became a Reiki master.

And at that point, somewhere in
there, My dogs started communicating

intuitively with me I like The first
one was I love telling the story.

My dog, Timmy, who had passed
a few years ago, showed up.

While I was in the kitchen,
he was in the dining room.

He just popped in sitting
on the floor, and it looked

like He was physically there.

It wasn't the ghost see
through anything like that.

It was like, wow.

And I turned my head and said, Timmy,
With delight and surprise, of course, uh,

because this had never happened to me.

And, um, he He disappeared.

And I've got to say I say
this so often when I get to.

So but I love it.

He came back.

He he was happy.

Oh, he had survived death.

There's still a personality there.

And he took the time to come back and
let me know he was a he was a happy guy

and everything was good and he loves me.

So like, And it's like in a
millisecond I get all this stuff.

So, um, it took me a while.

Uh, I started doing Energy
healing, uh, for people.

And then I tried intuitive animal
communication after I've learned some I've

learned some stuff I took some training
because I wanted to do this on purpose um

my dog Tibor was really the guy who got me
to, like, switch over to intuitive animal

communication as my primary focus because
I started seeing visions of his past life.

And I don't mean, um, reincarnation,
although I I do know that our

animals reincarnate, but this
was just before I got him.

He had a rough life.

And that was the time when I
said, I've got to start working

with people and their animals.

And I gotta say, when I get to
work with people who who loved

their animals enough to show up
and talk to an animal communicator?

Man, I'm already talking to
the dog or the cat, and seen.

And you, you dog lover you,
you are so open hearted.

It it's a it's a perfect combination.


That's I was just hooked, and
I've been hooked since then.

Anke: I can totally understand that.


So what do people come to
you for most of the day.

Is there a pattern or is it
is it a variety or what is

that people come to you for?

Maribeth: There is there is a variety.

Um, I prefer to be somebody who
helps I want to say solve problems

uh that's the human's version of it
but It's all about relationships.

We get we who love animals, our
dogs, we we bring them into our life

Because we want to have a happier
life and we break we get so much joy.

So people come to me when, When they have,
say, aggressive dogs or dogs with tons

of anxiety, uh some some behaviours that
they brought with them say if they're a

rescue dog and they've been adopted in
that way Um, or the behaviors change.

Physical issues.

You know, I I'm taking my
talk to the veterinarian.

What else can you pick up?

Uh can you do some healing about it?

And then, Oh, we were
talking about this earlier.

We do we do talk about the rules
of living with your humans.

You know, like, there are just
certain things about where everybody

goes potty and there's different
rules for dogs, cats, and people and

sometimes they need some guidance of
on on what works when you you decided

to live with your beloved human.

So that was a little thought.

Then finally, As as dogs or other
animals are starting to, uh, get older.

So I hope with that, uh, you know, how
are they feeling and even end of life,

um, end of life issues about how are
they feeling physically and emotionally?

Is the treatment working or
are they like done with it?

In telling them about the transition
and helping people connect afterwards.

I wrote a book Peace in Passing,
Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal

Transitions based on my experiences
there, so lots of dog stories.

So that that's hopefully in a nutshell
all the different areas I I work with.

Anke: And I I mean, that's so helpful.

I've had, like, my first dog
passed, like, two years ago.

And, you know, I kinda
expected it to be tough once.


So I still kind of feel the
connection is still there.

You know?

I have a most of my screensaver
everywhere, so I don't

not afraid to look at it.

Like, you know, I cannot
be very much present.

And, you know, but there is that part.

Like, I always worried, but it was
one thing I always worried about.

Like, how would I know when he's ready
to go, you know, because I thought I

don't want him to suffer just because
I don't wanna let go, you know, but

I also don't wanna put him to sleep
before he's ready to go kind of thing.

You know?

So I always worried about that.

And in the end, like, boy, was it clear.


It's so easy to Yeah.

You know, I I've that felt that made me
feel better that it was, like, so clear

that he really clearly communicated.


Have done.

You know?

And I had just literally last week,
the one like, my other dog, like,

he well, we kind of He was sick.

Like, he kind of threw up.

And and so there was, like, you know,
he's turning almost he's getting

close to thirteen, so you kinda worry.

So and you and that's the piece
where I think this is so helpful

to kinda have that extra insight
in into what he can't tell me.

Tried to kinda have that sense of, you
know, is it just a little like, have you

just eaten something and, you know, and
it's just a little stomach bug, or is

there something more serious behind it?

And, you know, nothing if I worry,
I'm probably the furthest away

from being a support to him.

Maribeth: Right?

Oh, that's true.

Um, and and Most of us can't stop
worrying but getting more information

and connecting Even if the information
is hard to hear, a bit of the

knowing and and reinforcing that
You know, just telling them how much

you love them in in a way that's
different from usual day to day life.

You know, that telepathic connection.

I think we all have it with our dogs,
with those animals that we love.

But bringing it in even stronger,
it does soothe us humans, you know?

And hearing, you know, like,
well, what would make you happy?

Um, you know, what do you what would
you like me to do for you to make

you feel better?' and just Hearing
what they say back, that's also

it's like we want to do something.

And so so just a little bit of comfort
of hearing that what they're feeling

and uh maybe what they would like,
uh, that that soothes the worry.

Anke: What would you recommend to
somebody who kind of says, well,

that makes sense, but how, you know,
how can I hear or what can I, you

know, how can I get started on this?

I look at my dog and, you know,
I can sort of read body language.


Sort of like but how can I go beyond that?

Is there something that I mean,
is there something that you can

tell people or is it everybody
has to find out their own way?

Maribeth: Or Interesting.

So um yeah a couple of things I would
say I would start with your mindset that

They're absolutely intuitive beings.

So they're already set you know,
their their part of the connection

is already like, And then it kinda
it's like, well, well, I don't

really know how to get there.

So assume that they're already
connecting and assume that you We're

born with the intuitive ability.

It's not, um, something that's
only special people have.

I believe that we have the wiring,
The energetic body as well as our

physical, uh, brain and mind to do it.

I didn't start doing this for so
many years it's I'm like an example

that you could start at any age
kind of get that mindset And, um,

where where will we go with this?

Let me I'm trying to think of it.

The bit really cool things we can do.


You could you start simply, uh, imagine
that you're ready to listen and you

can hear it a lot of different ways
when I say hear that's that's probably

misleading you can receive information
a lot of ways, so be open to it.

You could get a picture.

You You might hear some words,
you might get an emotion expressed

in your body, you might get one
of their memories as a picture.

So you could start with something simple
just been sitting down quietly and asking

them something and being open to whatever
comes in first like that's your intuitive

side After that, voyological mind just
is like, oh, I wanna just you can't that

would you already knew that how could
you or how could you know that or this is

all crap or So listen for the very first
thing you get and then thank them for it.

Uh, it's always gonna feel
like imagination because that's

how intuition comes through.

Found out that a lot.

It's never changed for me.


And once you okay.

You got yeah.

So it's never changed for me.

So it's beginning to trust yourself.

And then, What?

You don't thank them and see if if,
uh, there's a change in their behavior

after what what they've shared or or
if you notice something different.

That would be the quickest and
most fun way to try it out.

Uh, or ask them to do something
different and show them in your mind

and and have an emotion around it.

Anke: Got so much wind.

That's that makes so much sense.

And it's about, I think, like,
what I most feel from even

even the two of us being here.

You know?

It's that slowing down.

It's that peaceful presence.

It's that stop taking input from
a million directions to even allow

that that to come up and feed you.

Because I think intuition doesn't yell.

Like, intuition always whispers,
right, in whatever way.

So you need to give it some
space to, you know, to even

notice it because it's there.

It's just like, can you hear it right now?

Or if are you so busy kind of, you
know, hustling and bustling and talking?

And so where can people find your book?

Where can they find out more about you?

Maribeth: Seen.

Well, I I have a website and and
my website is sacredgrove dot com.

S a c r e d g r o v e dot com and my
books there, um, and how you you know,

I do I write a lot of blogs, uh, and
so there's a lot of information that

you can just get on my website, and
and there's also ways to work with me.

Anke: Awesome.

That's wonderful.

Thank you so much.

And, obviously, we're gonna pop the
link in the show notes here and on

the in the on the on the blog page.

Obviously, it's gonna be there as
well, so it will be easy defined.

Thank you so much for
coming, and I can't wait,

Maribeth: you know, to have you back.

Oh, this is fun.

Thank you.

Thanks so much for listening.

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