Becky Delli-Bovi - From Veterinary Nurse to Dog Whisperer

In this episode, I talk with Becky, a former veterinary nurse who turned her lifelong passion for animal behavior and training into a unique business. 

Becky shares her experiences from her 32-year career in veterinary nursing and what led her to start Becky's Doggy Business and Cat Care in Bromsgrove, UK. 

We discuss her personalized approach to dog training, emphasizing the importance of positive reinforcement, building trust, and the significance of diet in pet behavior. 

Becky also recounts her emotional journey of participating in the Dog Trainer of the Year competition and sheds light on common behavioral issues pet owners face. 

Her insights into setting up a pet-related business and maintaining client relationships are both inspiring and educational.

00:00 Welcome and Introductions
00:19 Becky's Background and Career Shift
01:31 Starting Becky's Doggy Business
01:49 One-on-One Training Approach
03:06 Challenges and Rewards of Running a Business
04:35 Dog Trainer of the Year Competition
06:47 Building a Strong Relationship with Your Dog
07:14 Common Behavioral Issues and Solutions
12:02 Importance of Consistency and Patience
19:31 Impact of Diet on Dog Behavior and Health
27:05 Where to Find Becky
27:51 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Becky Delli-Bovi - From Veterinary Nurse to Dog Whisperer
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