Podcast Nicole Essawy - Saving Dogs' Lives with First Aid Skills

Are You Prepared For an Emergency? 

In this episode, I chat with Nicole, a German native living in Atlanta, Georgia, who has transitioned from a 20-year career in the trade show business to teaching pet first aid. 

Nicole shares how her own experiences, particularly in remote areas with her Doberman while her husband rock climbs, spurred her interest in pet first aid. 

She became certified through Pet Tech, likened to the American Red Cross for pets, and now teaches comprehensive classes for both dog and cat owners. 

Nicole points out how important it is to be prepared for emergencies, covering a wide range of topics from prevention and CPR to how to handle choking and inducing vomiting. 

So, how prepared are YOU for a doggie emergency?

If you're now cringe a little bit, find out more about Nicole's classes at https://dobiemom.com/

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00:00 Welcoming Nicole: A Voice for Dogs
00:34 Nicole's Journey: From Germany to Dog First Aid in Atlanta
02:03 The Birth of a Passion: Discovering First Aid for Pets
04:27 Inside the Classroom: What to Expect from Pet First Aid Training
06:30 The Importance of Being Prepared: Real-Life Stories and Prevention Tips
14:32 Expanding Horizons: Nutrition and Holistic Approaches
15:25 Looking Forward: Future Plans and Closing Thoughts
Podcast Nicole Essawy - Saving Dogs' Lives with First Aid Skills
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