Tripawds - Triumph on Three Legs

In this episode, my guests René and Jim share the origins and journey of Tripawds, a community and foundation dedicated to supporting three-legged dogs and their owners. 

Initially starting as a personal blog chronicling their German Shepherd mix, Jerry's, life after amputation due to bone cancer, Tripawds evolved into a comprehensive resource offering guidance, support, and financial aid for pet amputation surgery, recovery, and care. 

René and Jim emphasize the importance of rehabilitation, weight management, and nutrition for three-legged pets to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
The foundation also engages in creative fundraising efforts, such as an annual painting dogs auction, to support their cause. 

The discussion highlights the resilience of pets in adapting to life on three legs and the emotional challenges faced by their humans, underscoring the importance of both physical and emotional support throughout the journey.

00:00 Welcome to the Show: Meet Renee and Jim from Tripawds
00:13 The Fascinating Story of Tripawds: From Alaska to a Global Community
01:33 The Heartwarming Origin of Tripawds: Jerry's Journey
03:59 Expanding Beyond a Blog: The Evolution of Tripawds
05:49 Creative Fundraising: The Annual Painting Dogs Auction
08:25 Understanding the Emotional and Physical Journey of Tripawds and Their Owners
11:57 Exploring Rehabilitation and Prosthetics for Tripawds
14:52 Addressing Common Concerns and Questions from Tripawd Parents
16:50 The Importance of Rehabilitation and Core Strength
22:46 Finding Tripawds: Resources, Support, and Community

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Tripawds - Triumph on Three Legs
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