Anne Hall - Healing Animals with Reiki

In this episode, Anne, a Reiki master based in Cornwall, UK, discusses her method of providing Reiki and crystal healing to dogs. Anne shares her lifelong connection with dogs and how she started practicing Reiki on them. She explains how using a picture of the dog, she can tune into their energy and provide a healing session. This can help with issues such as anxiety, stress, general well-being or recovery from surgery. She also discusses how crystals enhance the healing process and how all living beings are receptive to energy transfer. Interestingly, Anne mentions that animals can also refuse Reiki. She provides examples of successful healing sessions, shares feedback from clients, and ways people can book her services.

Connect with Anne:
00:00 Introduction and Guest Overview
00:50 Understanding Reiki and Its Benefits for Dogs
02:34 The Process of Reiki Healing for Dogs
05:28 Experiences and Results of Reiki Healing
09:39 Reiki Healing for Humans vs. Dogs
11:49 A Day in the Life of a Reiki Healer
15:01 Connecting with the Reiki Healer
16:55 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
Anne Hall - Healing Animals with Reiki
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