Intuition - Your Gateway to Deeper Connection with Your Dog with Alicia Sweezer

In this episode, I had a delightful chat with Alicia from Who Knew Healing, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Alicia is a scientist turned intuitive life coach, animal communicator, and medium. 
She shared how her journey from being a wildlife biologist to an animal communicator began and discussed her innate abilities to communicate with animals. 
We delved into the ways she assists pet owners, especially during medical or end-of-life decisions, helping them understand their pets' wishes which can alleviate guilt and enhance their bond. 
Alicia explained her methods of perceiving communication through claircognizance and clairsentience, and how she educates her clients to connect intuitively with their pets. Alicia also talked about common reasons pet owners reach out to her, such as behavioral issues, health concerns, and end-of-life communication. She emphasized that anyone can develop these abilities with practice and how these insights can make a significant difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

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00:00 Introduction and Warm Welcome
00:36 Alicia's Background and Business
01:27 Discovering the Gift of Animal Communication
03:43 How Animal Communication Works
07:00 Teaching Others to Communicate with Animals
08:42 Challenges in Communicating with Personal Pets
10:29 Common Client Concerns and Cases
12:34 End of Life Communication and Support
16:28 How to Connect with Alicia
17:48 Conclusion and Contact Information

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Intuition - Your Gateway to Deeper Connection with Your Dog with Alicia Sweezer
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